Gibplastic® Eco

GIBPLASTIC® Eco is a single-component, ready to use, UV resistant, waterproofing liquid membrane to waterproof floors, roofs, bathroom, rooftops, residential terraces, balconies, lofts and for the restoration of old bituminous and slated membranes.

Available in grey, brown and green colours.

In final stage of testing for receiving CE mark as a coating for surface protection of concrete, according to EN 1504-2.

Main fields of application

  • To be used to waterproof foundation walls, floors, lofts, flat and sloped roofs, bathroom, residential terraces and balconies or cement structures in general.
  • Like a UV-protective coating for PU foam
  • It can be also used for the localized restoration of cracks and lesions of old bituminous membranes. It achieves a continuous and uniform layer, without weldings, seals and joints.
  • Like anti-corrosion coating for metal surfaces GIBPLASTIC® Eco is suitable for principles by BS EN 1504-2 and UNI EN 14891 type CM-O1-P

Surface preparation

Clean thoroughly and remove dust, loose material or non-adhering particles, grease, oil, formwork release agents, residue from other treatments and anything that may affect proper adhesion. The support must be dry. Allow complete drying after water blasting.


GIBPLASTIC® Eco is applied by brush or roller, spatula. Apply to fully cured substrates, as moist and subsequent outgassing may result in blistering or delamination. Apply minimum two coats, for a total spread rate of no less than 1 kg/m². Reinforce with nonwoven where the product is subject to mechanical strain.