GIBPLASTIC® is a one-component, ready to use, UV resistant, waterproofing liquid membrane to waterproof foundations, flat and sloped roofs, fiber cement boards, lofts and for the restoration of old bituminous and slated membranes.

In final stage of testing for receiving CE mark as a coating for surface protection of concrete, according to EN 1504-2.

Available in black colour.



Carefully mixed in its container before use. Poor the GIBPLASTIC® onto the surface and lay it out by roller or brush, spatula until all surface is covered.

Apply to fully cured substrates, as moist and subsequent outgassing may result in blistering or delamination. Apply minimum two coats, for a total spread rate of no less than 1 kg/m2. Reinforce with geotextiles where the product is subject to mechanical strain.

To achieve good protective results it is necessary to apply 2-3 coats; the second coat should be applied at least 5-8 hours after the first coat has completely dried. On surfaces subject to micro-cracking GIBPLASTIC® coating can be reinforced by inserting the “non-woven” polyester fabric reinforcement between the layers of membrane. In this case the yield of GIBPLASTIC® increases to 0.5 kg/m2

Application GIBPLASTIC®

  • Free from solvents and bitum. Excellent elasticity.
  • The GIBPLASTIC coating adheres to almost every surface like concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, EPDM, wood, PVC and zinc. This allows the product to be used in many different situations when it comes to waterproofing or air barriers.
  • The resistance against all weather conditions, UV and chemicals, ensure that the products are very durable.
  • Does not need primer before applying
  • Continuous waterproofing, without any joint or overlapping.
  • Quick and easy to apply. No finish required
  • Multipurpose.