MIVIKO ISOTECH is a professional supplier of green solutions, chemicals and innovative materials used for projects across abroad segments including construction, industry, utilities and transportation.

With highly qualified human resources, rich experience and quality management system, we can develop a bespoke solution for projects, adding value and becoming more than just a materials supplier, but a solution provider.

Our products mean : Innovation - Quality- Sustainability

Innovations guide us towards to the future

We listen to our clients so that together we can find the right solutions to guarantee present and future success.

Strategies - Markets

The corporate strategy focuses on:

  • new markets research
  • product innovation
  • constant improvement
  • creation of efficient partnerships with our suppliers
  • professionally at all levels of the organisation

The reputation of MIVIKO ISOTECH with its clients all over the world is based on:

  • Partnership
  • Prompt and expert technical assistance
  • Research and technological innovations