Revolution in the binding technology with high level of rational nature management

Mineral wool is considered the best known insulation type among the wide variety of insulation materials. There are three types of mineral wool, and these consist of glass, stone (rock), and slag wool.

Of the variety of mineral wool binders such as sodium silicates, polyesters, melamine urea formaldehyde, polyamides, furane-based resins, and others, phenolic resin-based binders continue to enjoy prominence as the preferred binder for mineral wool.

The main drawback of the used phenol-formaldehyde resins is the slow release of formaldehyde in finished products to the environment, contributing to worsen the indoor air quality; hence the interest of formaldehyde-free resins for mineral wool products.

MIVIKO ISOTECH® has developed and patented an innovative binder that does not contain phenol / formaldehyde / silicone using in the production of mineral wool insulation.


Ecological aspects

The innovative binder "Green Isowool®" maximally embodied the principle of ecological purity.


  • Bio-based and water-based binder
  • FREE phenol/formaldehyde/acryl and silicone
  • Highly hydrophobic effect
  • Natural brown colour
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Less dust than the conventional glass mineral wool insulation
  • Easy to install
  • Sustainable Product

As it is known, in the production of mineral thermal insulation chemical reagents are used on the basis of mineral oils. Thanks to our new binder, the manufacturer succeeded in completely replacing phenol-formaldehyde and acrylic resins with binders obtained from natural substances. The innovative technology allows us to reduce the volumes of primary energy (for production, processing, transportation, etc.) and accordingly emissions of harmful substances throughout the whole cycle, making it environmentally safe.

Green Isowool® is rapidly gaining popularity not only in connection with environmental cleanliness but also at a competitive price, comparing it with analogues of phenol-formaldehyde resins. In materials it is also considered not providing the addition of colourants and pigments, making thermal insulation works as pleasant as possible: mineral wools are less pricked and dusty than similar materials, they are more conveniently laid between rafters, have pleasant smells.


Innovative binder Green Isowool® will completely preserve the heat, sound and fireproof properties of mineral wool. It corresponds to high performance. It is not less important that at a high temperature, mineral wool treated with our materials will not release toxic substances while preserving peoples lives.